Fun Times Ahead With The Oompahsters

Elegance & Decorum, that’s the New York Philharmonic. Polkas, Waltzes, Chicken Dance, Cute Gals, Men with Knobby Knees in Short Pants, that’s The Oom-Pahsters!

Polkas, Waltzes, Jazz, Country. Rock, this is a Polka and Variety Band which will liven up any event with their fun loving spirit, great music and vocals, costumes, and family friendly comedy. A 4 or 5-piece entertaining Polka and Variety Band with instrumentation of Piano/Keyboard Bass, Clarinet/Sax, Guitar, Drums, and great vocals. Fifth piece.. add Accordion, Trombone, Trumpet or Plectrum Banjo…depending on event and client choice.

Folks enjoy dancing to a great repertoire of tunes Special Requests…if they don’t know it, they will learn it for your event. The group is able to stroll or perform as a stage performance wearing German attire and Spontaneous Smiles.

Check out the short video clips on this website.

Access to our songs are available by download or we will mail CD’s to clients by request .

The Oom-Pahsters musicians have played for many events in Atlanta, Bentonville, Biloxi, Birmingham, Chicago, Chesapeake Bay, Chattanooga, Columbus, Knoxville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mobile, New Orleans, The Ozarks, Pensacola, Reno, Springfield, as well as performing on TV and clubs such as the Troubadour, and the Mississippi Queen Riverboat.


  • Octoberfests

  • Fall Fests

  • Country

  • Jazz

  • Easy Rock

Instrumentation 4 Piece: Piano/Key Bass, Guitar, Drums, Clarinet/Sax, and Vocals.  5 Piece adds Accordion, Trombone, Trumpet, or Banjo depending on event and client choice.


Dankesohn for considering…